Empires and Puzzles – A Complete Beginners Guide that You Should Know!


Empires and Puzzles is match-three RPG based game in which gamers have only motive to build up a powerful team in order to deal with enemies. But make sure you have to know the strength and weakness of each and every hero so that you will able to fight.

However, a perfect or skilled team is also a symbol of completing more and more levels or even in an appropriate manner. One should also have to pay more attention to earning-process in order to pass the missions in an appropriate manner.

Top 2 Useful Tips and Tricks!

In order to make quick progress in Empires and Puzzles game, then you should follow the tips which are mentioned below.

How to Complete the Missions?

If you want to know complete or pass missions as much as possible, then you must upgrade your team heroes on time to time. By doing this, your heroes will refill their losing power and ready for further missions. Not only this, try to defeat more and more enemies so that you can grab better points or resources as a reward.

Customize Your Troops!

In order to avoid dangerous attacks from opponents, then you must customize your troops on time to time like walls, doors, and so on. By doing this, you will also be eligible to place your precious In-Game items in the troops without any threat. But you must have In-Game currencies in your hands so that every task is possible in Empires and Puzzles Game.

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Bessie Hale