Hempire – Plant Growing Game – A Guide about In-game Currency!

Hempire – Plant Growing Game – A Guide about In-game Currency!

If you love nature and want to play the plant growing game, then Hempire is the best option for you. It provide you with all real-life plant growing tasks and activities such as growing of crops, maintain them with growing tools and at last selling them for earning profit to enhance the business. Now, the main concept is that in Hempire – Plant Growing Game there are 2 main types of currencies present. Below are mentioned both types of currencies and their uses in Hempire.

  1. Cash – the same form of currency is used for buying crops or players get it when they sell their strains.
  2. Diamonds – these are used for buying new plant growing tools or to upgrade anything.

Therefore, in order to earn a huge amount of in-game currencies in all forms with rewards players need to grow more crops and strains to sell in the market.

How to get cash or diamonds?

Each player of Hempire – Plant Growing Game should know that there are plenty of ways present by which they earn both forms of currency. Among all the ways some main and simple ways are as follows. Players need to follow them to earn enough cash or diamonds.

  • Players are free to use Hempire Cheats to earn unlimited cash or diamonds.
  • Also, gamers are free to buy them from in-app purchases feature using real-life money.
  • Players directly get diamonds by completing more deals in the game and also they earn rewards.

Therefore, with all these simple ways everybody become able to earn a huge amount of currency with rewards to make quick progress.

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